My Fellow Brothers and Sisters,


We have triumphantly completed the local election cycle of 2019 in Adana, that was of utmost importance for our country. The core principles of my campaign have been honesty, diligence, loyalty, democracy and equality as they have been throughout my life. You’ve taken my word, you believed and shared my sincerity, and supported us. Eventually, all together we fulfilled our longing for a municipality embraced by everyone, be it children or the elderly, after 25 years. I would like to give my gratitude to you, my dear brothers and sisters, for your contributions to our success. However, the most worthwhile thanks would not be through words but services and there is no question I will provide the best.


A new era starts in Adana. We are aware of the importance and earnestness of the responsibility we’ve undertaken. We will continue working with the same conviction and commitment we’ve had to this day towards improving Adana. We will adopt a management approach that prioritizes people’s needs and addresses them, we will always keep our communication channels open to you and we will make sure that our electorate can always control our actions. We know Adana has rooted and serious problems. We will implement a manner of service that determines these problems one by one and bring solutions to them in the quickest way possible. We will be solution-oriented rather than complaining about the obstacles we will face. We will create an exemplary municipality in Turkey with its services, transparent management and friendly staff. My fellow citizens, we will all work in cooperation to move Adana to the top. We’ve said love, respect and fellowship won in Adana. I will work for all, regardless of political parties, with these feelings of love, respect and fellowship. Our hope, determination, belief and honesty will be our guide on this path.


I sincerely greet you all. 

Mayor of Adana