Metropolitan municipalities have the following duties, responsibilities and responsibilities;

a.       In consultation with the district and first-tier municipalities, prepare the metropolitan municipality’s strategic plan, annual goals, investment programs and, accordingly the budget.

b.       In compliance with the environmental plan, and within the metropolitan municipality and adjacent areas, draw up or cause to draw up, and approve and implement, the master plan of every scale between 1:5,000 and 1:25,000; approve, either unchanged or with amendments, the implementation plans drawn up in compliance with the master plan by the municipalities located in the metropolitan municipality, and any amendments to such plans, as well as the municipalities’ plotting plans and land development rehabilitation plans, and monitor the implementation of such plans; and draw up or cause to draw up the urban implementation plans and plotting plans of district and first-tier municipalities which fail to draw up those plans within one year of the entry into force of the master plan.

c.       Draw up and license land development plans, plotting plans of all scales, and all land development implementations in connection with the design, construction, maintenance and repair works as required by the metropolitan municipality’s statutory duties and services, and exercise the powers conferred on municipalities by the Law No. 775 of 20.7.1966 on Squatter Houses.

d.       Issue permits to and inspect businesses in zones built or operated by the metropolitan municipality, and businesses to be operated in zones under the metropolitan municipality’s responsibility.

e.       Exercise the powers provided for in Article 68 and 72 of the Law on Municipality.

f.        Draw up or cause to draw up and implement the metropolitan transport master plan; plan and coordinate transport and public transport services; designate the numbers, fares and schedules, timing and routes of any type of service and public transport vehicles that are operated on land, sea, water and rail ways, together with taxis; designate and operate or cause to operate or lease the stops and vehicle parking spots on motorways, roads, avenues, streets, squares and similar places; carry out all works of traffic arrangement as assigned to the municipalities by laws.

g.       Build or cause to build, maintain and repair squares, boulevards, avenues and main roads within the metropolitan municipality’s purview, impose obligations with regard to the buildings thereon in accordance with urban design projects; determine the sites where notices and advertisements are to be posted, and their shapes and sizes; and perform the tasks for the naming and numbering of squares, boulevards, avenues, roads and streets and the numbering of the buildings thereon.

h.       Set up geographic and urban information systems;

i.        In accordance with the principle of sustainable development, ensure the protection of the environment, agricultural land and water basins; plant trees (the expression added by Article 85 of the Law No. 5393 of  published in the official gazette on 3/7/2005); gather polluting businesses, recreational facilities and other businesses that have impact on public health and environment in specific places in the city; designate storage areas and sales points for building materials, scrap materials, and storage areas for excavated soil and rubble, sand and gravel, places for the sale and storage of wood and coal; take necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution in such areas and places and during transport; draw up or cause to draw up the metropolitan area’s solid waste management plan; except for the collection of solid waste at origin and the transport of such waste to the processing plant, provide services for the recycling, storage and disposal of solid waste and excavated soil, establish or cause to establish, operate or cause to operate facilities for the purpose; provide services concerning industrial and medical waste, establish or cause to establish, operate or cause to operate facilities for the purpose; collect or cause to collect waste from maritime vessels, treat such waste and make the necessary arrangements in this regard.

j.        Issue permits to and inspect grade one polluting businesses, including foodstuff enterprises, establish and operate laboratories to test foodstuffs and beverages.

k.       Provide municipal police services in areas under the metropolitan municipality’s authority and zones operated by the metropolitan municipality.

l.        Build or cause to build, operate or cause to operate or license passenger and freight terminals and closed and open parking spaces.

m.     Build, cause to build, operate or cause to operate social facilities serving the entire metropolitan area, regional parks, zoos, animal shelters, libraries, museums, sporting, leisure and recreational facilities and similar facilities; where necessary, provide cash aid, equipment and necessary support to amateur sports clubs; organize sports competitions between amateur teams and, by a resolution of the metropolitan council, reward athletes, technical directors, trainers and students who showed outstanding performance or received first three places in competitions inside or outside the country.

n.       Where necessary, build places of worship, premises and facilities for health-care, educational and cultural services, carry out all forms of maintenance of and repairs to premises and facilities owned by public entities for such purposes and secure the necessary equipment for them.

o.       Ensure the conservation of cultural and natural assets, of the historical urban fabric and of areas and functions of historical significance to the town, carry out maintenance and repairs for the purpose and, where conservation is impossible, reconstruct them in their original form.

p.       Provide metropolitan public transport services, and to this end, establish or cause to establish and operate or cause to operate such facilities, and issue licenses for public transport vehicles, including taxis and service buses, on land and sea within the metropolitan boundaries.

q.       Provide water supply and sewer services and build or cause to build and operate the necessary dams and other facilities for the purpose; rehabilitate streams; market spring water and produced water.

r.        Designate cemetery areas, build, operate or cause to operate cemeteries, and provide burial services.

s.       Build, cause to build, operate or cause to operate wholesale food markets and slaughterhouses of all kinds; issue permits for, and inspect, private markets and slaughterhouses to be built on locations indicated in the land development plan.

t.        In accordance with provincial-level planning, make metropolitan-level plans and other preparations relating to natural disasters; where necessary, provide other disaster areas with support in the form of equipment and supplies; provide fire-fighting and emergency services; designate production and storage locations for explosives and inflammable substances, inspect homes, businesses, recreational facilities, factories, industrial enterprises and public entities with regard to fire and other disaster prevention measures and issue the statutory permits in this respect.

u.       Manage and develop health care centres, hospitals, mobile health care units and social and cultural services of all kinds for adults, elderly people, persons with disabilities, women, young people and children, and to this end, establish, operate or cause to operate social facilities, open vocational training and skills courses; cooperate with universities, colleges, vocational schools, public entities and civil society organizations in the provision of such services.

v.       Install, cause to install, operate or cause to operate central heating systems

w.      Evacuate and demolish buildings that are susceptible to disaster risk or constitute danger to life and property.

Metropolitan municipalities shall exercise the powers provided for in subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph in accordance with land development plans and inform the municipality concerned of such exercises. Metropolitan municipalities may, by a resolution of the metropolitan council, delegate to or perform in cooperation with, district municipalities the tasks they deem appropriate.